Web Site Design from Megaweb Developments

A web site has many features and benefits which help promote a product, company or individual. By being available 24 hours a day seven days a week it is often the first place a potential client will go to find out further information.

There is the prospect of reaching millions of internet users throughout the world opening up new marketplaces that were previously unavailable, particularly at such a reasonable cost. It provides a fast efficient way to promote a new product or update information without the print costs of sending out a further mailshot.

A simple cost effective way to provide 24 hour customer support through a form, a forum or a frequently asked questions page. Importantly for many companies the opportunity to jump ahead of their competitors and provide a value service for their customers.

Finally consider an e-commerce or database solution. An e-commerce solution will be much cheaper than creating a new bricks and mortar shop with the added advantage of reaching millions of potential customers. Whilst the database driven site can provide the opportunity for you to simply update the pages through a browser window.

Megaweb Developments is now part of Kanyo Ltd where all these services are still available in addition to our Consultancy and Training courses.